BTCWonderland Lighting Network Dairy-1

Optimise the lightning node

  1. Always ON hardware
  2. Full node app suite (BTC+LN+@RTL_App)
  3. Active node management

Node managment

In Theory :

  • Be online all the time
  • Try to connect the node with good credibility.  (peers uptime, peers’ peers uptime)
  • Open too many channels, result in too many outbound channels, then not being able to route at all. won’t be able to receive (request ) so will be the source of lots problems.
  • Receive channels inbound, try to open channels to others, so balance the in/out bound.
  • Or connect to the exchange that use lightning, make a deposit then withdraw(on chain/on LN) so you will have 50/50 balance.

Reputation built on

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